About me!

Hey World!

I’m Anastasia, a 20 year old college student from the grand state of Wisconsin. I go to UW-Madison and am majoring in German. This year I’m studying abroad in Freiburg, Germany and having the time of my life.

My dad passes away this summer and despite how hard it is being away from home, I’m doing all the adventuring, travelling, and hiking I can to make him proud. We shared some passions in life, and I’m glad that through me, his spirit can continue doing them.

Along with music, reading, and sleeping, I also greatly enjoy Photography. I hope you enjoy my pictures and through them, see what I’m up to!

Peace and Love!

1 thought on “About me!

  1. I learned about your blog from the Mitteilungen aus Madison German Dept newsletter. I was also a German major (combined it with Marketing), and spent a semester in Vienna. Enjoy this time – and so sorry to hear about your Dad passing away. I had grandparents pass away while I was overseas. I’ll enjoy hearing about your adventures!!

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